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02) Formal Shoes

Our formal styles are designed for the sophisticated to the glamorous and are fabulous for any occasion. We offer great formal shoe selections for Wedding, Proms, Ballroom Dancing, Red Carpet Events and Pageants. Helen takes great pride in staying ahead of all the fashion trends!
We are also introducing two new lines of shoes! The Spice Line is a higher end line of formal shoes. The Signature line of shoes features beautiful Swarovski on all high quality leather construction. These shoes will not be displayed on our website until after our fashion shows are complete.

All 02) Formal Shoes

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FS-1026-5 Black

FS-1501-108 Black

FS-1501-108 Nude

FS-1501-108 Red

FS-1501-108 Silver

FS-2014-5 Black

FS-2014-5 Blue

FS-2091-1 Black

FS-2091-1 Bronze

FS-2091-1 Gold

FS-2091-1 Gun Metal

FS-2091-1 Silver

FS-2811-12 Black

FS-2811-12 Silver

FS-2811-13A Black

FS-2811-13A Fuchsia

FS-2811-13A Purple

FS-2811-13A Red

FS-2811-13A Silver/BLACK

FS-5223-35 Gold

FS-5223-35 Silver

FS-5223-36 Gold

FS-5223-36 Silver

FS-6638-2 Silver

FS-678-5 Black

FS-678-5 BROWN

FS-678-5 GREY

FS-678-5 Pink

FS-804-836 Black

FS-804-836 Nude

FS-804-836 White

FS-8153-1 G-Multi

FS-8153-1 S-Multi

FS-8153-2 Black

FS-8153-2 Nude

FS-8153-2 Red

FS-8153-3 Black

FS-8153-3 Nude

FS-8159-10 Silver

FS-8159-24 White

FS-8159-8 White

FS-8159-9 Multi

FS-826-515 Ivory

FS-8380-A22 Fuchsia

FS-8380-A22 Gold

FS-8380-A22 Pink

FS-8380-A22 Red

FS-8380-A22 Silver

FS-8380-A22 Turquoise

FS-88396 BLACK

FS-9381-21 Ivory

FS-9381-21 SILVER

FS-E62-F975 Ivory

FS-LD1625 Champagne

FS-LD1625 Silver

FS-LD1663 Champagen

FS-LD1663 Silver

FS-LD3436 Gold

FS-RK1110-11 Brown Glitter

FS-RK1110-11 Pewter Glitter
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